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Enterprise Managed
Mobile Services

Helping IT leaders to deliver world-class mobile services, technology and support to their remote workforces and business locations

Mobile Expense &
Usage Management

Combining proactive support, innovative analysis and reporting technology and our proven optimisation processes to help IT leaders to quickly release significant savings

Device Lifecycle

Bringing together market leading mobile device sourcing, logistics, finance and project management, to deliver a one-stop & independent alternative to deploying & supporting device in-house

Mobile Contract
Negotiation Services

Expert advice, analysis and benchmarking to support your mobile contract negotiations and device sourcing

Inview Mobile Portal
& Reporting Service

Gain complete control of your mobile costs, usage and inventory with the help of Utelize and our innovative Inview Mobile Portal

Mobile Security

For customers who want to enable flexible working and personal use of mobiles without compromising their device and data security or end-user experience

Simovate Mobile Networking Services

Simovate Mobile
Networking Services

Our next generation mobile data networking services are helping IT leaders to truly embrace the flexibility and opportunities that wireless communications can deliver

Whitepapers & Guides

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Phishing on mobile is the biggest unsolved cybersecurity problem in the enterprise today. Read this whitepaper to understand the mobile phishing facts that will help you make informed decisions on how to protect corporate data

Mobile Phishing
Myths & Facts:

Myths & facts facing every modern enterprise today

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In this overview of the real-world risk landscape we consider the different types of mobile threats and vulnerabilities that put your organisation at risk. Understand how app behaviours and configurations pose an unseen risk to your business

The Spectrum of
Mobile Risk:

Understanding the full range of risks to enterprise data

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Learn why perimeter security is no longer viable, and how phishing attacks are overcoming traditional firewalls. This whitepaper examines the three key statements organisations must hear in order to move forward in protecting corporate resources from leakage and attack


Move forward in protecting your corporate resources from leakage and attack

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Mobile Device Lifecycle Management is a rapidly evolving and complex challenge. If approached strategically, it can be a success

Best Practice Guide:

Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

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Negotiating the ‘right-fit’ mobile contract for your business is one of the most important factors that determines how successfully your IT and Finance teams can manage mobile services and devices in the future

Best Practice Guide:

Negotiating the ‘Right-Fit’ Mobile Contract for your Business

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Without breaking the “tech-fund” habit your business will never be able to achieve true value for money and you’ll be contractually prevented from optimising your mobile spend

Best Practice Guide:

Breaking the Mobile ‘Tech-Fund’ Habit

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Whilst most businesses look externally to their mobile suppliers to achieve cost reduction in the form of reduced tariffs, the reality is that most businesses already have significant hidden overspending on mobile usage

Best Practice Guide:

5 Steps to Effective Management of Mobile Usage

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You need to consider these challenges beyond security when it comes to deploying a BYoD programme – from managing costs and expenses, through to supporting users when things don’t go to plan


Planning your BYoD Programme Beyond Device Security

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Read our guide to recharging mobile telecoms costs within your organisation. This paper specifically focuses on challenges surrounding the recharging of shared or pooled data allowances


Are you Ignoring or Exploiting your ‘Telecoms Intelligence’?

Utelize Videos

Learn more about telecoms management with Utelize

Is your mobile budget still out of control?

Tackling the challenge of roaming with the help of Utelize

Is it time to rethink how you buy mobile devices?

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